Should I use a professional Mover? 

You are relocating and have a lump sum of money to work with.


Should you sell your stuff and buy new?

Should you move yourself?

Should you hire a Mover?

How much will it cost to use a Mover?



Do you have the time to deal with selling your goods?

Are you able to load a truck and drive yourself?

Can you count on friends or family for help?

Can you find help at your destination? 

When you compare the total cost of a DIY move, truck rental, mileage charges, labour, fuel, hotels and aggravation. Using a Mover may be your best option but how do you find a professional Mover with all the horror stories out there?


ReloSecurity allows you to:


Compare some of the most professional Movers in the industry.  

Reduce costs and maximise your allowances.

Tailor a service for your specific situation.

Most importantly the Movers are safe and certified.   


With just one call or click we can set up to three in-home appointments with certified ProMovers, its fast, simple and it’s free. Many of our Movers can even provide a video survey, eliminating the need for an in-home survey.

Showing up at your new location focused on your job and not on your move is crucial. The final decision is of course up to you but if you do decide to use a Mover, this site allows you to compare professionals and Move With Confidence

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